Avalon Journey into the

       Heart of the Well Path of Remembrance

Chalice Well ‘Little St. Michaels’ 06-11 May Beltaine 2018

Avalon ... the sound, the name, the call stirres something deep in our Soul, an ancient memory, long lost to the physical world.

Ancient Stories touching our Hearts, whispering in our dreams and calling us to remember what once was, interweaving with the true essence inside, this pure light in all you have gained through all your experiences around the Galaxy and all your life’s on this beautiful, challenging, inspiring and amazing Earth.

Avalon brings you ‘home’, fulfils your longing and shows you how you can be whole again, the Gift is then to treasure it in your heart and practice it in your daily life where ever you are! From my first visit and through group experience my line is:


Once you’ve been between the Portals of Avalon

Your Life will never be the same


Chalice Well is a place of great inspiring beauty and famous for sight and extraordinary healing energy, it used to be part of a gorgeous green valley where the ancient springs flow freely.


We will explore the Nine Springs of Avalon, the Nine Morgen Pathways and the Nine Isles during our stay by the Well and journey deep into the Heart of this Sacred Water Sanctuary !

Do you feel the Call? Does Avalon or Chalice Well stir inside ..


- 6 days of exploring, walking, journeying and embracing the Soul of Avalon and the Heart of the Well, a Path of Remembrance

- accommodation ‘Little St. Michaels’ a 16th century beautiful Cottage at the Chalice Well Gardens, Glastonbury UK

- connecting, invoking, working with the Spirits of Avalon, the Ancestral Sister Lineage and the Divine Nine, Sacred Feminine

- International Avalon Heart Journey by the Chalice Well Sleep by the Well, Dream by the Well and Drink Her waters


I Invite the Ancient Priestess within you, the awaken one on this Path of Remembrance to journey into the Soul of Avalon, to connect with the Ancients, the Wise Ones, the Nine Morgens, the Spirits of Avalon through Heart and Soul Cord bound and meet present day ‘Apple Isle of Avalon’, Green Valleys, colourful Orchards, Magical Lanes, places where all was provided what was needed, where one naturally honoured the cycles and seasons of Earth, where Goddess, Sacred Feminine was still in the Hearts of human kind. Where the ‘invisible’ world was seen next to the visible world and where Elemental, Elf and Fairy tended Nature ...

All of this will be touched, remembered, channelled

We all remember the stories of King Arthur, the Grail, Merlin, the Grail Maidens, the Ninefold, the Priestesses and Goddess. Stories, Myth, Legend and Legacy which we love in books and films ... this is your film, your life, your new memory to make ...

I invite YOU to step on your Path of Awakening Awareness !! and if you are already ... it is a never ending Path of Uniqueness


Through time Chalice Well Gardens has been a site for a School, a place guarded by Alice Buckton and Wellesley Tudor Powell. Long before it has been an open garden where one could dwell whenever needed by the Well, a Healing Sanctuary in the 17th century where people from all over the world gathered for miraculous healing and in ancient times it has been a Goddess Sanctuary where Priestesses were trained in Sacred Feminine Skills, Dream Work and Herbal Healing. In these times far in the past it was connected with the Atlantean and Lemurian Web of Creation! The Sacred Lineage of Ancient Avalon is still weaving Her magical threads through Avalonian Oral Tradition and Lemurian Celtic Lightwork. These days the Well is in the wonderful hands of Chalice Well Trust !


Join us Women of the Earth, Priestesses of Old,

whatever Way you are called, it is TIME !!!

Receive the 9 Blessings of Avalon


A wonderful group of Women will gather around the Well again Join us for a lovely, joyful, awakening, mind blowing Journey !!



Accommodation ‘Little St. Michaels’ Chalice Well in 2-3 p rooms, 6 days/5 nights at one of the most powerful sites of Glastonbury special access 24/7 to the Well and Gardens, breakfast, lunch, 3 diners, entrees, meditations, channellings ...

and all the magical moments we receive, share during our stay !

Special Avalon fee € 899.- when booked before 30 November ‘17 after this date it will be € 999.-. You can book your place with a non-refundable deposit of € 399.- the Retreat House offers 11 beds in lovely rooms, so don’t miss your chance !!

I love to welcome you at the Heart of the Well in Avalon,

Heart Blessings Corah


Email me for information or Application form!!

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Avalon Mystery School (‘95)

Over 20 years Spiritual Journey’s, Sacred Oral Traditions of the Lineage of Ancient Avalon, Afallach, Avallon.
Priestess Pathways, Women Circles, Nine Pathways-Lemurian Light, Purple Path and Celtology and Celtic E-courses.

Corah is a Light worker Priestess, Ceremonialist, Herbal Healer, Writer and Women’s Coach, she loves gathering in circles, walking the Land and explore ancient sites on our beautiful Planet

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Der Verlag mit der Vision für die Neue Zeit


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Es ist mir eine große Freude, auf die heilende Musik
von Heloise verweisen zu dürfen. Allen die sich für
die Heilung mit Klängen interessieren, kann ich ihre

"Sound Healings" aus tiefstem Herzen empfehlen.
Sacred Music: Die wunderbare Heloise Pilkington

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20. April 2018
Mond im Krebs
+ düngen, waschen, putzen, gießen
- Pflanzenschnitt, Haarschnitt
Mondphasen 2018




  AHORN: 11. bis 20. April


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